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From over fifty years we have operated in the sector of Plant-growing. Our experience is synonymous of guarantee, competence and professionalism. For a long time we have been careful to the innovations coming from the world of the cultivation and the floriculture.

It's with this intention that, from about two years to this part, we have undertaken up a travel of experimentation and search which it envisages the employment of substrata and natural products, able to strengthen and to improve the mechanisms of defense and nourishment of the plants. Then as today we have an only objective: to contain the costs of production and, at the same time, to protect the health of our plants and the environment in which we operate.

The occasion to renovate the company's profile and to increase our knowledge in the field of floriculture and new cultivation techniques came in 2012, when the Ammazzini's technicians should resolve some problems connected with the treatment of a particular variety climber, struck by the infesting attack of mites and aleurodidi. The decisive help came from an agronomist, an eccentric man who spoke to us of stars, planets, exchanges cationici and not synthetic products that would have resolved many of our problems. This man was Dott. Alessandro Marino Merlo, who, two days later, using a simple strengthening vegetable oil, succeeded in defeating the infestation: it applied the natural product with rationality and intelligence and, he shortly converted our initial hesitation in a newborn relationship of respect and commercial collaboration, destined to last and to grow stronger in the time.

Dott. Merlo instilled in us the awareness that the change was possible and that it was only the first of the steps on the way of renewal and growth which would have made Ammazzini Piante a vital and consolidated company.

From that moment we have improved on the techniques of cultivation used for the production of our plants: among these we want underline the introduction of the zeolitis in combining to the organic fertilizers.
Today, thanks to smaller consumptions of water and fertilizers, we are proud to affirm that we respect the natural resources and the aquifers, and we produce plants with a smaller environmental impact: these are Ours and Your objectives!

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Welcome in AmmazziniPiante.it

Welcome in AmmazziniPiante.it

Welcome in AmmazziniPiante.it

Welcome in AmmazziniPiante.it

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