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Ours is a family run agricultural company that operates in Tuscany in the plants breeding business. We grow olive trees and fruit trees, both in container and on the ground.

We entered the cut flowers and olive trees business back in the '60s and in the last ten years we have significantly increased our customers expanding and reaching, that now features a vast selection of fruit plants and different varieties of roses; in particular, the NIRP roses, the David Austin roses, the Meilland roses and the Rampichella roses. 

Our production of olive trees is divided into three main branches:

We have signed the C.A.C. regulation, and because of that all of our plants are now labeled with an identification tag that features the company's name and cv.

At the beginning of 2012, we have joined the CO.RI.PRO, a consortium that combines the major companies active in the production of olive trees of the city of Pescia (our hometown, and the world capital of the olive tree).

Our membership in the consortium allows us to provide great selection and strict control of the olive tree nursery material through a voluntary certification of the varietal profiles.

We have also signed the virus-free certification written with the supervision of the Servizio Fitosanitario della Regione Toscana.

Who we are

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Olive trees
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