Our Greenhouses

The greenhouses are the homes of our plants. And our plants must have the most beautiful homes!
That's why our greenhouses have been realized with care, thanks to the aid of good materials. 

These great places ensure to our plants the best in terms of comfort and respect for the environment.

They allow us to adjust the light, the heat and the humidity level in order to change the environment conditions only when strictly necessary. This means that if the day is sunny, we will use the natural light; and in case the temperature is already quite humid, we won't change it artificially.

But it is not only the technology with which they were created to make them such great places. Our greenhouses have been designed with great attention to aesthetic and stylistic standards: we believe that it is essential working day by day in a nice place and so we like inviting, the clients who want it, to visit our greenhouses. 

You will be able to contact us in every moment and to arrange a visit at our headquarter. You will have the chance to meet our most qualified technicians, walk quietly through the paths of our nurseries and check for yourself all of our plants and products.

You will pleasantly surprised to notice that our pot plants are cultivated in the greenhouses. This choice allows us to have greater control over the production process of the plant, and allows us to protect its health and its quality even in those periods of the year when the plant are more subjected to strong and sudden thermal surges. 

Thanks to this trick, we are able to deliver the plants in top notch condition and right on time!

The greenhouses

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