Rose TANTAU®The breeding ground dates from the 1906.

The company was founded by Matthias Tantau, who in 1930 devoted himself, with appointment, to the hybridization and the search of new roses, bringing on the market always modern varieties and with unchanged characteristics of rusticity, resistance and fertility. Tantau engaged with success in the production of very interesting roses for form, color and ability of resistance to the illnesses.

From 1985 the company, already inherited by Matthias's son, passed in the hands of a trusted collaborator, Hans Jurgen Evers, who made Tantau one of the most active and prestigious companies in the production and marketing of roses. Mr Evers devoted himself, with passion, to the hybridization and the selection of exceptional variety of roses, particularly landscape and bush types.

Today Tantau is the leader in the field of the cut flower rose, particularly for the colors and the resistance to the physical and mechanic manipulation. 

These roses distinguish themselves for a very rapid growth and have an abundant and repeated flowering with various and vivacious colors and with very intoxicating perfumes.

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